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December 15, 2015

thesis defence of Geoffrey BEGUE

of center of materials of MINES ParisTech

thesis defence of Geoffrey BEGUE

Geoffrey BEGUE will defend his thesis called

"Interfacial strength measurement of EB-PVD Thermal Barrier Coatings by laser shock and development of a non-destructive test on turbine blade"

on december, 15 at 10:00

at École des mines, 60 Boulevard Saint-Michel 75005 PARIS

room L109


Abstract : The assessment of the interface strength of EB-PVD thermal barrier coating (TBC) is a key issue to control the production and better understand the ceramic spallation that will occur during life duration of coated turbine blades. The Laser Shock Adhesion Test (LASAT) involving bi-dimensional shock wave propagation, namely the LASAT-2D, consists in measuring the interfacial crack diameter when implementing a set of laser shocks with increased laser power densities. Applying the LASAT onto an industrial blade requires implementing the laser shock onto the ceramic side. A protective vinylic adhesive tape and a confinement by transparent adhesive tape are used to generate the shock on the ceramic. Shock wave propagation is studied through specific experiments and a numerical simulation. The interfacial crack is revealed by the presence of a spot that could be measured on a top-view optical image of the ceramic. Reproductibility of the LASAT applied on the coated side of the TBC is thereby established. Harmfulness of a loaded area with and without cracks is investigated thanks to thermal cycling in order to validate a non-destructive protocol. The presence of cracks at the interface between alumina and zirconia does not reduce the life duration of coated turbine blades in thermal cycling. Initial adhesion strength is compared both qualitatively and quantitatively for different samples and qualitatively for some turbine blades. Evolution of the interface strength with thermal cycling is presented. A correlation between initial adhesion and time of spallation of the ceramic is demonstrated on different samples.

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