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December 17, 2015

thesis defence of Alexandre PICHAVANT

of MINES ParisTech

thesis defence of Alexandre PICHAVANT

Alexandre PICHAVANT will defend his thesis called

"Mixed  titanium  and  tin  oxide  coprecipitation  in  aqueous  solutions"

on December, 17 at 14h00
adress : Mines ParisTech 60 Boulevard Saint-Michel 75006 Paris 

room L109


Abstract : The synthesis of mixed oxide particles in aqueous solution is often difficult to control because of the potentially different reactivity of coprecipitating species. The aim of the thesis is to try to understand and control the synthesis in the case of mixed titanium oxide particles and tin system, chosen because of the existence of a solid solution over the entire range composition and the possibility of using a simpler homogeneous precipitation to model the reactant mixture. The syntheses are carried out by thermal hydrolysis of acidic solutions with microwave heating, providing particles directly crystallized with reduced reaction times. The results of the synthesis, namely the yield and composition of the solid, are modeled by a calculation of the supersaturation requiring knowledge of the speciation of the prepared solutions. This is calculated by determining the temperature of thermal hydrolysis in solution equilibrium constants from bibliographic data and low-temperature solubility measurements on the one hand and on the other hand, modeling of the temperature dependence of the thermodynamic. Finally, Anatase-Rutile nanocomposites were obtained by coprecipitation of titanium with small amounts of tin and the photocatalytic properties of these nanoparticles were tested

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