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December 13, 2016

Theisis defense of Eric LEFEBVRE

from center of materials of MINES ParisTech

Theisis defense of Eric LEFEBVRE

Eric LEFEBVRE will defend his thesis intituled

Strategy of modeling to follow existing craks in a reinforced concrete structure

on december the 2016 at 14h00

at : EDF Lab 7 Boulevard Gaspard Monge 91120 Palaiseau - Amphi 1

Abstract : This work focuses on a modelisation strategy for following an existing crack in a pre-stressed concrete structure without describing the early stages of damage. This leads to an estimation of the overall leakage of the structure. Different bricks of modelisation are proposed, representing most phenomena interacting with the behaviour of an existing crack, i.e. cracking of the conrete, debonding steel-concrete and deferred concrete. The existing cracks are taken into account through a cohesive zone model; steel reinforcements and pre-stressing tendons are modelised by means of homogenized membrane models; the debonding steel-concrete is represented by another specific cohesive zone model. The constitutive law used for modelling the concrete takes into account basic creep (through a rheological model distinguishing the deviatoric part and the spherical part), shrinkage and drying creep. Several experimental tests validate the use of the different bricks. Several parts of the pre-stressed nuclear reactor containment were simulated during the early age and the pressure build-up. Finally, a strategy to define an initial pre-crack state with the bricks of modelisation was developed in order to avoid the simulation of the crack initiation.

thesis defense of Eric LEFEBVRE - MINES ParisTech

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