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January 24, 2017

Thesis defense of Chao LING

from center of materials of MINES ParisTech

Thesis defense of Chao LING

Chao LING will defense his thesis, called

"Modeling the intragranular ductile fracture of irradiated steels. Effects of crystal anisotropy and strain gradient"

on January, the 24th 2017 at 2:00 pm

at Mines ParisTch, 60 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75006 Paris  (room V106A)


abstract : Irradiation causes drastic modifications of mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steels and a decrease in the fracture toughness with irradiation has been observed. Ductile fracture due to void growth and coalescence remains one dominant fracture mechanism for doses in the range of 0--10 dpa. Voids may have different origins: nucleated at inclusions or irradiation-induced precipitates during mechanical loading, or produced directly by irradiation. The present work is to investigate ductile fracture of irradiated steels due to growth and coalescence of intragranulaire voids. Based on continuum crystal plasticity theory, FE simulations are performed on unit cells for studying effects of lattice orientation and stress triaxiality on void growth and coalescence. The influence of post-irradiation hardening/softening on void growth and coalescence is evaluated with a physically based crystal plasticity model. Besides, an elastoviscoplastic model at finite strains is proposed to describe void growth up to coalescence in single crystals, and is assessed based unit cell simulations. The model is then applied to simulate ductile damage in single crystals and polycrystals. As voids in irradiated steels may have different origins, they may have different sizes, which potentially have an influence on ductile fracture process and fracture toughness of irradiated steels. In order to assess the size effect, a micromorphic crystal plasticity model is proposed and applied to simulate growth and coalescence of intragranular voids of different sizes.

Thesis defense of Chao LING - MINES ParisTech

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