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Next meeting Cold Spray Club

2 virtual sessions are now scheduled!

Next meeting Cold Spray Club
Prochaine Réunion du Club Cold Spray: 2 sessions virtuelles  sont au programme!
Next meeting of Cold Spray Club: 2 virtual sessions are now scheduled!


Session 1 : Wed 17 March 2021, 9.00 (Paris time) -Session 2 : Tue 23 March 2021, 14.00 (Paris time)


agenda (updated  2021 02 15)



Session 1 : Wed 17 March 2021, 9.00 (Paris time)

9.00 Introduction.
9.10 Minjae Yu (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan) “Copper Metallization of a
Ceramic Substrate Using Cu-Al Composite Powder by Low-Pressure Cold Spray”.
9.30 Henry Begg ( TWI, UK) "Heat treating Al powders for improved deposition".
Jochen Fiebig (Jülich, Germany) “ In-flight high-speed measurements of
particle temperatures and velocities by high-speed camera for an Inconel and a
TiAl powder”.
10.10 Frank Gaertner (Helmut Schmidt University, Hambourg, Germany) “
Determination of Powder Strength and Consequences for Adjusting Cold Spray
Parameter Sets”.
10.30 Mario Tului (RINA Consulting, Lamezia Terme, Italy) “ Cold spraying of
CerMet powders obtained by Mechanical Alloying”.
10.50 Sébastien Bucher (Lifco Industrie, Saint-Etienne, France) “Functionalized
powders and applications”.
11.10 Oliver Kaminski (Nanoval, Berlin, Germany) “Title to be confirmed”.
11.30 Discussion opened by Tanvir Hussain (University of Nottingham, UK).
12.10 Closing remarks.


Session 2 : Tue 23 March 2021, 14.00 (Paris time)
14.00 Introduction.
14.10 Danielle Cote (WPI, USA) “Model-guided Characterization of Feedstock
14.30 Mostafa Hassani ( Cornell University, USA) “Mechanics of Spherical Powder
Particles: An In-Situ Study”.
14.50 Sergi Dosta ( CPT, Barcelona, Spain) “Powder characteristics influencing
coating processing and properties”.
15.10 Hugo Durand (MINES ParisTech, Paris, France) ”Mechanical study of Al
powders using combined micro-compression and LASHPOL experiments”.
15.30 Rocco Lupoi (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) “ A new strategy for
strengthening additively manufactured cold spray deposits through in-process
15.50 Xavier Clausse ( Toyal Europe, Accus, France) “Aluminum based powders for
cold spray”.
16.10 Michal Brezovan (Safina, Vestec, Czech Republic) “ production of CuCr1Zr
powder for cold gas spray and influences on the quality”.

16.30 Discussion opened by Tanvir Hussain (University of Nottingham, UK).

17.10 Closing remarks.

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