De l'impression 3d en céramique


Mesurer la déformation du sel, pour l'aménagement de réservoirs en cavités salines


Electromagnetic forming process for metallic pieces


Amélioration de la performance des éoliennes


Vers un stockage géologique du C02 avec impuretés

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Training at the Centre des Matériaux


The Centre des Matériaux participates actively in a wide range of training programmes.

In spite of their great diversity, these programmes are all designed along similar lines. The teachers are almost always members of the School's laboratory research staff, and they maintain frequent contacts with manufacturers, who submit their particular problems. In this way, teachers are able to communicate up-to-date knowledge that is in tune with the needs of the economic sector.

Field work is an important component of these training programmes, which all include internships in companies or laboratories in France or abroad, with tutors. These internships help students to fill in their theoretical training and stimulate their thought processes through the handling of realistic engineering or research problems.


The Centre des Matériaux :

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