De l'impression 3d en céramique


Mesurer la déformation du sel, pour l'aménagement de réservoirs en cavités salines


Electromagnetic forming process for metallic pieces


Amélioration de la performance des éoliennes


Vers un stockage géologique du C02 avec impuretés

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Graduate School


The Centre des Matériaux and the Centre de Mise en Forme des Matériaux (CEMEF) are in charge of the major "Materials Sciences and Engineering" in the graduate programm of the École de Mines. The Supervisors are Anne-Françoise Gourgues and Jean-François Agassant.

Materials have always played an important role in industry. An engineer in charge of a project, whether in a specifying capacity or as a designer or operator, generally is led to choose among various materials or formulate a set of characteristics needed to develop or improve a product.

Did you say "materials" ?

Materials issues crop up in nearly all fields, from traditional to high-tech. To take just a few examples :

  • Transport : the Renault Mégane, the TGV high-speed train, the Rafale fighter plane, the Ariane space programme
  • Building & construction : France'national stadium, the Chunnel, the Normandy bridge
  • Energy : gas pipelines, nuclear power plants, oil platforms
  • Telecommunications : cell phones, optical fibres
  • Microelectronics : new processors, sensors, portable devices, television sets
  • Packaging : yogurt pots, tins, perfume bottles, plastic bags, drink cans
  • Food and agriculture : biscuits, ice creams
  • Environment : recycling, catalytic converters, asbestos substitutes
  • Medical field : new prostheses, dental amalgams


ScienceS ...
deformation mechanics, behaviour laws, damage laws, computer simulation ...
... and Engineering
production, forming, application properties, converting and processing ...


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