De l'impression 3d en céramique


Mesurer la déformation du sel, pour l'aménagement de réservoirs en cavités salines


Electromagnetic forming process for metallic pieces


Amélioration de la performance des éoliennes


Vers un stockage géologique du C02 avec impuretés

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Graduate School

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Undergraduate students choose their area of specialization either at the end of their first year, or upon admission based on certified qualifications. The training that is specific to the specialization includes:

  • a two-week pre-specialization period during the second year, and
  • a one-month block period early in the third year.

Second year undergraduate studies

For the "Materials Science and Engineering" specialization, training during the second year takes place either in Evry at the Materials Centre, or at Sophia-Antipolis at the Materials Forming Centre. It consists of an introduction to engineering materials with a focus on two things:

  • observation and experimentation: learning to observe the material at different scales and to analyse experimental tests for the purpose of identifying the physical phenomena and particularly the mechanical behaviour;
  • contributing new knowledge in the field of materials science: the different material classes, how they are produced and formed, and how they behave physically and mechanically.

Contact with the material is a specific item in this specialization. It is arranged through targeted mini-projects in the laboratory in conjunction with industrial contacts.

Third year undergraduate studies

An additional six-week specialized training period early in the third year gives students the opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge in their field and prepare them for their assigned studies.

A team project under the supervision of a teacher from the Centre and an industrial counterpart gives students the opportunity to come to grips with an industrial problem for the first time.

Lectures and visits to laboratories and firms around a chosen topic are an additional feature of this period.

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