De l'impression 3d en céramique


Mesurer la déformation du sel, pour l'aménagement de réservoirs en cavités salines


Electromagnetic forming process for metallic pieces


Amélioration de la performance des éoliennes


Vers un stockage géologique du C02 avec impuretés

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PhD Research


  • The 3-year PhD in partnership with companies is a real professional experience.
  • The doctoral student's funding is a necessary condition for enrollment. Different types of contracts can be offered.
  • The doctoral schools offer the future doctor a high-level scientific supervision and a preparation for professional integration, through doctoral courses of different types.
  • The follow-up measures for PhD students are explicit and cover the three-year thesis and the post-doctoral follow-up.
  • The enhancement of the doctorate translates into the requirements in terms of training and evaluation of scientific work.
  • Job openings : 65% of PhDs are recruited in companies after their thesis, 60% have found a job before their defense.

Le Centre des Matériaux est rattaché à l'école doctorale Sciences des Métiers de l'Ingénieur commune à l'École des Mines et l'École d'Arts et Métiers.
Two specialties are proposed :

To view the latest and next defenses, see the calendar.

To read the summaries of current theses, consult the section "Thesis presentations".

Informations on the PhD Research at the École des Mines de Paris are available on its website.

Registered students can access the DOMINO space, collaborative portal for PhD students MINES ParisTech.


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