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Light microscopy



LEICA DMI 5000 microscope

The LEICA DMI 5000 microscope is an X, Y, Z automated inverted light microscope that allows you to work in brightfield, darkfield, interferential contrast in a simple way and polarized light.

Two software packages are available to process the images :

  • Multifocus that allows reconstruction in Z
  • Multistep that allows to do mapping.

Their use is illustrated by the snapshots below. The material used is a gray iron slats from water pipes in the city of Paris (Nital attack 4%)

The MultiFocus photo is obtained by overpotting 22 pictures taken in successive positions along the z axis. It makes it possible to obtain a clear image on the whole field of observation, the defects of focus due to the relief of the surface to be analyzed thus being corrected.

3 étapes intermédiaires sont pésentées ci-dessous  suivies du résultat des supperpositions des 22 photos




Multistep cartography : 6 images assembled



Contact : Fabrice.gaslain@mines-paristech.fr



Zeiss Axiovert 450M reversed Light Microscope


The Zeiss Axiovert 405M microscope is a reversed light microscope that is able to work in bright field, dark field, polarised light and with interferential contrast. This microscope is  fitted with a 12 MPix Jenoptik Progress CF Scan numerical camera for capturing photos.


Bright field

Black field

Polarised light



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