De l'impression 3d en céramique


Mesurer la déformation du sel, pour l'aménagement de réservoirs en cavités salines


Electromagnetic forming process for metallic pieces


Amélioration de la performance des éoliennes


Vers un stockage géologique du C02 avec impuretés

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Our Missions

The Centre des Matériaux is a teaching and research institution founded in 1967 at Evry (south of Paris) through a joint initiative of the École des Mines de Paris and SNECMA. Current staff numbers are 189, including 39 faculty members, 57 engineers, technicians and administratives (ITAs) and 93 students and visitors.

Its research focuses on all types of materials of industrial interest. Its activities cover three major fields:

  • Education
    Subject areas ranges from physical properties to numerical modelling of material and structural behaviour. This mission is fulfilled through the participation of all the permanent faculty in the teaching of the engineering undergraduates of the Ecole des Mines de Paris, as well as of undergraduates and master level students at other universities in the Paris region.
  • Scientific research
    The Centre is a mixed research unit of the CNRS (UMR 7633, Department of Sciences for the Engineer). Its aim is to conduct scientific research of the highest international quality on topics of industrial interest.
  • Industrial exploitation of research
    The importance of this activity for the Centre des Matériaux is illustrated by the fact that almost half of its annual financial resources are provided by research contracts via ARMINES, involving national and international industrial partners.

Over 500 doctoral theses have been produced at the Centre des Matériaux since 1967.

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