The Centre des Matériaux aims to carry out scientific research of the highest international standard on topics of industrial interest.

Partnership research supports, in particular, the training offer of doctoral engineers

Organized since the creation of the center in teams each focused on skills specific to families of materials, the research was reorganized in 2017 around the means of exploration and studies. Thus 3 poles of research are now identified :

  • MIMEX for MIcrostructure et Mécanique Expérimentale.
    The MIMEX group develops and implements methods to study the response of two large families of materials (metal alloys on one side, polymers and rubbers on the other) to various mechanical stresses: deformation, damage and fracture.
  • SIMS for SImulation des Matériaux et des Structures.
    The objective of the SIMS cluster is to have good representations of the behavior and breaking of materials in computer codes.
  • SIP for Surfaces, Interfaces, Procédés.
    The SIP cluster seeks to develop new functional materials by establishing the relationships between process parameters, structures at different scales (from nano to macro) and the physical properties of shaped materials, obviously including their mechanical properties.

A transverse axis is born : FAMHES for Fabrication Additive des Matériaux Hors Équilibre et des Systèmes.

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