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Muhamad Shafiq Sukiman, Toufik Kanit, Franck N'Guyen, Abdellatif Imad, Ahmed El Moumen, Fouad Erchiqui. Effective thermal and mechanical properties of randomly oriented short and long fiber composites Mechanics of Materials, Elsevier, 2017, 107, pp.56-70. <10.1016/j.mechmat.2017.02.002>

Sebastien Dezecot, Vincent Maurel, Jean-Yves Buffiere, Fabien Szmytka, Alain Koster. 3D characterization and modeling of low cycle fatigue damage mechanisms at high temperature in a cast aluminum alloy Acta Materialia, Elsevier, 2017, 123, pp.24-34. <10.1016/j.actamat.2016.10.028>

Marie-Hélène Berger, T. C. Back, P. Soukiassian, D. Martinotti, L. Douillard, S. B. Fairchild, J. J. Boeckl, V. Filipov, A. Sayir. Local investigation of the emissive properties of LaB6–ZrB2 eutectics Journal of Materials Science, Springer Verlag, 2017, 52 (10), pp.5537-5543. <10.1007/s10853-017-0816-0>

Valérie Forest, Lara Leclerc, Jean-François Hochepied, Adeline Trouvé, Gwendoline Sarry, Jérémie Pourchez. Impact of cerium oxide nanoparticles shape on their in vitro cellular toxicity Toxicology in Vitro, Elsevier, 2017, 38, pp.136-141. <10.1016/j.tiv.2016.09.022>

Mickael Rancic, Christophe Colin, Mohamed Sennour, Jean Phillipe Costes, Gérard Poulachon. Microstructural investigations of the white and deformed layers close to the turned surface of Ti-6Al-4V Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Springer Verlag/ASM International, 2017, 48A, pp.389-402. <10.1007/s11661-016-3844-5>

Ante Buljac, Modesar Shakoor, Jan Neggers, Marc Bernacki, Pierre-Olivier Bouchard, Lukas Helfen, Thilo F. Morgeneyer, François Hild. Numerical validation framework for micromechanical simulations based on synchrotron 3D imaging Computational Mechanics, Springer Verlag, 2017, 59 (3), pp.419-441. <10.1007/s00466-016-1357-0>

Maxime Hervy, Sarah Berhanu, Elsa Weiss-Hortala, Anthony Chesnaud, Claire Gerente, Audrey Villot, Doan Pham Minh, Alain Thorel, Laurence Le Coq, Ange Nzihou. Multi-scale characterisation of chars mineral species for tar cracking Fuel, Elsevier, 2017, 189, pp.88-97. <10.1016/j.fuel.2016.10.089>

Matthieu Mazière, C. Luis, Anthony Marais, Samuel Forest, M. Gaspérini. Experimental and numerical analysis of the Lüders phenomenon in simple shear International Journal of Solids and Structures, Elsevier, 2017, 106-107, pp.305-314. <10.1016/j.ijsolstr.2016.07.026>

Dmitry Tkalich, Georges Cailletaud, Vladislav Yastrebov, Alexandre Kane. A micromechanical constitutive modeling of WC hardmetals using finite-element and uniform field models Mechanics of Materials, Elsevier, 2017, 105, pp.166-187. <10.1016/j.mechmat.2016.11.007>

R. j. Masurel, P. Gelineau, Sabine Cantournet, A. Dequidt, D.R. Long, F. Lequeux, H. Montes. Role of dynamical heterogeneities on the mechanical response of confined polymer Physical Review Letters, American Physical Society, 2017, 118 (4), 047801, 6 p. <10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.047801>

Nicholas J. Goble, Richard Akrobetu, Hicham Zaid, Sukrit Sucharitakul, Marie-Hélène Berger, Alp Sehirlioglu, Xuan P.A. Gao. Anisotropic electrical resistance in mesoscopic LaAlO 3 /SrTiO 3 devices with individual domain walls Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, 2017, 7, pp.44361. <10.1038/srep44361>

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