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AT Team: Mechanical Workshop

Mechanical testing machines

Research teams need test machines whose initial characteristics do not always meet their requirements. The Electronic Instrumentation group, in collaboration with the doctoral students, the research technicians and the workshop renovates or realizes test means adapted to the studies.


Servo creep machines

Traditional creep machines apply a stress on the test piece via a lever arm on which masses are based. The loading is not reproductive and the test is affected by the surrounding vibrations. The replacement of the masses by a servo electric cylinder and a control system makes it possible to control the machine in load or in deformation



Fatigue machine for fibers

These machines make it possible to study the creep, relaxation and fatigue fibers, for a load of 0 to 100g .



GLEEBLE machine

This fully refurbished hydraulic test machine is used to control load and displacement on Joule-heated specimens and subjected to rapid temperature changes (1000 °C per second).


Traction-Twisting Machine

Primarily intended for cyclic fatigue studies on polymers, this machine makes it possible to apply :

  • a torque of +/- 6 daNm over +/- 180 degrees,
  • a load of +/- 1000 daN on +/- 20 mm,

with an adjustable phase shift between torque and load. It was entirely built at the Centre des Matériaux.

A new version of this machine allows testing with higher loads and immersing the sample in the fluid of choice.


Other achievements
  • Design and production of extensometers allowing simultaneous measurements of axial and radial deformation of specimens
  • MEB traction plate
  • High temperature and vacuum furnaces
  • Multizone ovens with independent control
  • Frame and transmission of a 10 tons mechanical fatigue machine
  • Polymer torsion machine
  • In-phase and out-of-phase tensile-compression-torsion machine on polymers
  • Ultrasonic rupture detector
  • Piezoelectric amplifier

René Cluzet (workshop manager)



IE team : Electronic Instrumentation


The laboratory has a set of equipments for sensor instrumentation acquired or developed over the years by the ATIE division. This equipments make it possible to instrument all types of sensors and to check the calibration of sensors mounted on the test machines.

Measuring / verification equipment
  • Force sensors calibrated at 50 daN, 500 daN, 2000 daN and 10000 daN
  • Calibrated pressure sensors of 350 bar and 1000 bar
  • Calibration bench in displacement and gauge blocks
  • Standard electrical resistors
  • Sound level meter, gaussmeter, luxmeter, hygrometer
  • Tachometer without laser contact or with contact
  • Calibrator for thermocouples and thermometers
  • Voltage and current calibrator
  • Weighing scales and weights
  • Thermal camera, laser pyrometer
Electrical equipment
  • Analog and digital oscilloscopes
  • Power supplies and generators
  • Voltmeter, ammeter clamps, ohmmeter, frequency meter, etc.




Cédric Toussaint (electronic instrumentation)





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