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Z-set is a comprehensive suite of integrated finite element analysis programs with a special emphasis on advanced material representation. It includes modules like a sequential solver (Z-solve), a parallel solver (Z-psolve), a graphical user interface for pre and post treatment (Z-master), a damage post processor (Z-post) for life prediction, a driver of constitutive equations (Z-sim), a general purpose optimizer (Z-opt) and an intelligent interface with Z-mat library, ZebFront. 


Zebulon is a general nonlinear FEA solver with emphasis on flexibility and advanced materials capability. The whole code is written in C++, so that the object oriented approach provides a safe framework to manage complex problems and user extensions.



Zebulon's parallel solver is a state-of-the-art finite element tearing and interconnecting (FETI) solver capable of handling large non-linear problems with very scalable multi-processing until 100 processors.


Number of Processors 1 4 8 64
CPU Time (s) 1428 138 59 12



Z-sim is a driver for testing constitutive equations. It allows the user to apply any type of mixed (stress-strain) loadings to a material element. The material file is shared by Z-sim and Z-mat. Yield surface evolution is also provided by the code. 


Z-opt includes a generalized interface optimizer, which can be used for inverse problems, material characterisation, and structural optimisation. Several algorithms are available in the package, gradient driven methods, heuristic techniques and genetic algorithms.


ZebFront is a C++ pre-processor implementing a very high level programming language which can be used to generate user models in Zebulon and Z-mat. It provides a simplified access to the integration methods and interfaces with the many utility classes built in Z-mat. We believe that the Z-mat library with ZebFront will become well known as the easiest way to implement UMAT applications, in very high-level, object oriented programming. 


Z-mat is a large base of constitutive models for plasticity and viscoplasticity with robust integration methods and advanced coefficient identification procedures in a single package. It is a dynamic library which extends the material modeling capabilites of commercial FE softwares and provides a more flexible, object-oriented interface for developing user models. A large number of well known models are built into the library, including sophisticated models for crystallographic plasticity, coupled plasticity-viscoplasticity, creep, brittle and ductile damage.


Z-master is an interactive pre/post code with an intuitive graphical interface which allows the user to create meshes and to analyse the FE results. It is fully compatible with Z-post and also with some commercial FE softwares. 


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