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Workshop, Electronic Instrumentation

Mechanical testing machines

The research teams require testing machines. Sometimes the initial characteristics of these do not meet team specifications, so the electronic instrumentation unit works with doctoral candidates, research technicians and shop to retrofit or create new test systems that are adapted to the studies.

Servo-controlled creep testing machines

Traditional creep machines apply stress to the specimen by means of a canterlevered arm with weights. Loading is not reproducible, and the test is influenced by surrounding vibrations. When the weights are replaced with a servo-controlled electro-jack and a controller, the machine can be controlled either in loading or deformation modes.

Fibre-fatigue testing machine

These machines serve to study fibres under creep, relaxation, and fatigue conditions for loading from 0 to 100g (designed and fabricated in cooperation with the Composites division).

GLEEBLE system

This entirely renovated servo-hydraulic testing system machine controls loading and displacement on specimens that are heated by electric current and subjected to rapid temperature variations (1000°C per second).

Tension-torsion testing machine

This machine serves mainly to study cyclical fatigue on polymers:

  • applying torque at +/- 6 daN.m over +/- 180 degrees,
  • loading at +/- 1000daN over +/- 20mm,

and adjustable phase shift control between torque and load. The machine was built entirely at the Centre des Matériaux.

Other achievements

  • Design and fabrication of strain gauges for simultaneous measurement of axial and radial deformation of specimens
  • SEM tensile stage
  • High-temperature vacuum ovens
  • Frame and transmission of a 10-metric-tonnes mechanical fatigue testing machine
  • Torsion testing machine for polymers
  • Machine for testing tension/compression/torsion in and out of phase on polymers


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